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FWW and I went car shopping yesterday, with zero intention of buying a vehicle. Check them out, test drive them. Chit chat in transit.

Some times, you have to get creative.

My H sells cars, and he and I both dislike people who do this. If you want to look, fine, have at it. But leave the salesguy out of it, leave him free to help people actually in the market. You and your W stole valuable time from someone who is at least supporting him/herself, most likely a spouse and children, too. I can't even begin to tell you how many "ups" my H has missed by being busied by people who do this--fake out the salesperson, pretend to be interested and serious, but really out joyriding.

They don't get paid to take joyriders on test drives. Not one cent.


These are what you call the perils of a chosen career.

Now, while you huff and puff, what you aren't considering is this; up until I hit this last leg of schooling I upgraded my vehicle every other year, and have bought a few "run ugly" rigs for other uses.

Those salesman who I "stole valuable time" from, were rewarded with direct referrals when friends or family were in the market. Direct by-name and by-lot referrals. Often times, I am standing next to the friend or family member, and take them to the salesman personally. I have also followed good salesmen when they change dealerships.

Just my ignorant opinion, but a good salesman sells himself, and not the product, and he is rewarded with customer loyalty.

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