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My week is fantastic, and yours? My wife and I just got done sipping tea outside in our backyard together while the kids watched a show. We are putting them to bed and then gonna read a part of my thread between HHH and CWMI because I told her they were bickering and she laughed out loud! smile We stayed up till 1am together last night so we are pretty tired, but that was a good 5 hours which is a big time number. Thanks for changing the subject and taking this thread back from the hijackers!

DH is about an hour and a half away, so I'm driving down to spend tonight with him in the hotel. We need the time since we managed about 4 hours of UA time last week (and it was obvious!). We've had two major fights the past two weekends, and that's not like us. Even pre-MB we didn't fight. I've had a lot going on and if things don't get better, I think I need to call the doc for different meds.

Glad things are getting better with y'all, it's good to hear!

Wow, great story, UA is at the core of this whole thing isn't it? Not sure about you, but hotel's are kind of an aphrodisiac in my mind, hopefully you guys have some fun! I applaud you for your efforts!

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