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Wow, great story, UA is at the core of this whole thing isn't it? Not sure about you, but hotel's are kind of an aphrodisiac in my mind, hopefully you guys have some fun! I applaud you for your efforts!

Yes, UA is so important. We spend a lot of time together Friday - Sunday, but last week we just missed the mark on UA time. One of my biggest frustrations with him being on the road is just not getting to spend the time together I'd like to.

Hotels are more home to DH than home is, so our nights in hotels are usually spent talking too late.

Yep my wife and I notice it as well. For me I get irritable if there is no SF. My wife get irritable if FS and Admiration are not there. These EN's are hard to be met if UA time is not consistent enough. What we found in the past is that our social calendar was full of time with friends rather than with each other. Part of this was no doubt a form of protection for both of us as for the time we were with our friends we could at least "pretend" everything was perfectly fine. Now that we are trying to spend that time with each other rather than with friends things have improved quite a bit.

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