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Thanks for the complement, I give all the credit to Maca Root! JK.

LOL ... good one! ... Maca root is great tho! Unfortunately I have ran out ... and currently my finances are not allowing me to get anymore frown its like 40$ for a months supply for one of us. As soon as my wife gets back to work (shes currently unemployed) I will be stocking up again!

Being able to give MB advice also helps us reflect on ourselves! I am currently trying to help my step sister and her BF with MB .. but I am struggling. They hop on the wagon for a while ... then drift off again. They have no kids .. and her BF works FT and she sits at home and does nothing while complaining they dont spend enough time together. He wants her to get a job .. but she doesnt want to work. THey hav only been togheter for 1.5 years and they already live together. She texts guys all day while he is away and says its becasue (again an excuse) that she needs the attention! I hit my head agasint the wall listening to it ... My suggestion .. over and over again ... is for her to get a job since they have no kids .. and he complains she doesnt clean the house or do anyhting all day while hes gone .. He loves her .. but if he leaves her she has no where to go. (prolly want to move into our home if that happens) shes a freeloader and i wana slap her for it sometimes becasue she has no ambition and is dirving the guy (who is a really good friend of mine) into major debt becasue she has a HUGE need to shop but doesnt want to contribute to the finances.

Sorry for the long post.. I just see things alot clearer now than i did before my wife and i had all our struggles. Now that we are somewhat struggle free and are in love again .. it sux to see so many ppl around us not following MB or taking our advice when they ask for it or with the MB filter over our eyes ... to see how broken alot of relationships really are around us.

GAh! ... At least you two are "getting it" and thats awesome. I wish more ppl around me that I knew .. would get it too .. we explain it .. we live it .. many are jealous of what I have with my family and wife now .. but dont want to do what it takes to have it. Its sad ... especially my inlaws and dad and step mom. Lately .. everyone has been demainding our attention and making fun of us for needing and "enthusiastic agreement" to do anyhting .. and they wonder why we dont communicate very much with them anymore.

Any how again .. sorry to rant about my family/friends on your thread. I wish I could help fix more ppl around me IRL.

You can lead a horse to water...................................

By the way I picked up Maca Root for $12.99 for a month's supply at Fresh & Easy. I read some hype about pure, not pure, blah, blah, blah. I feel great, that is all there is to it. Sorry to hear about the job situation, than can be stressful man.

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