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Yeah ... exactly. I kinda stopped giving advice since they dont listen .. and most of my family is now in the /ignore list becasue they dont understand the importance of UA time ... etc .. So like you .. we have to be selfish about our time aswell.

12.99 .. wow ... im getting ripped off. I get mine from the health food store Alive. I gotta find another source.

As for the job situation. Well .. my job does well paying our expenses, just not alot left over for extra things. Thats ok though because my wife is happier than ever and able to spend more time with the kids and be more focused on UA time etc ... her job was VERY VERY VERY stressful .. and the loss of her job was a blessing in disguise. Sure it sux to be lacking the money ... but i think it pays for itself in the lack of stress. Shes going to start actively looking for work again come september when the kids go back to school.

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You and your wife are happy? You have a fulfilling marriage? That is all that matters man. Fulfilling marriage is good for your kids. What a lucky guy, forget the rest of it. smile

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