Gosh things derail so fast. My wife and I had an argument tonight. We did not reconcile it at all. It involves birth control so it is touchy. Let's just say neither of us are excited about our options. We've both agreed to get a consult about it. She feels like it is all on her to get something done, and I feel the same. POJA did not happen to be honest, but we are working on it. There were no thoughtful requests tonight, just demands on both our parts. If you do this, then I'll do that, etc. Recipe for disaster. It was.

One thing to remember for you newbies or just anyone, when you make demands it typically makes the other spouse do the opposite. Let that be a lesson to you, even if it was Bill and Joyce Harley, you make demands, you'll NEVER come out ahead. The opposite will always happen. Your spouse will feel hurt and instead of feeling like negotiating, they'll run the other way.

I was advising someone today that just one LB can ruin a night. This is why you have to avoid them at all costs. Don't LB your spouse, ok?

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