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I agree on the tabling the conversation until you speak with a doctor. In the meantime, grab some condoms and spermicide. Yeah, they suck, but it's better than going without.

And next time you have a conversation in which you feel yourself getting mad and you realize that she is prob going to say some things to upset you, stop the conversation before it gets to that heated point and ask to discuss it later.

Woulda, coulda, shoulda...........


Take a proactive step.

WTF. This response... Hill.

Will, can. No should.

Will, can.

Now, tomorrow (in converse to the smarmy woulda, coulda - which focuses on what has passed).

Proactive step. Now.

I am. What I meant by that comment is that I wished I had handled things better last night, thus the "woulda, coulda, shoulda" comment. I apologized first thing, 7am sharp. We are going to her folks for breakfast so that will be a nice little fun distraction for us both as we regroup. Just give us a couple hours and we'll be fine.

The night was great actually but I had noticed she didn't take her customary seat next to me on the couch, she instead sat in the recliner like the old days. We went outside for a bit and she let me have it. I didn't see it coming and was a bit off guard. Next time she sits away from me I'll likely know something is on her mind and I'll just ask her.

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