Yeah, not for a couple of weeks, though. frown I'm ready NOW, today is going to be rough. H won't be home until 11pm tonight, left at 6:30 this morning, all for a THREE HOUR class in another state.

I asked him to explain to me how it was that I had the understanding that his company would not be sending him to any out-of-town training, and this came up. That's what he told me: that his boss said he would move H's classification to the other manufacturer they represent so that H would not have to do any of this manufacturer's training. The other manufacturer does all of theirs by sending someone to his dealership, or it is online. He can still sell both lines.

H "explained" that by saying, yes, that's what he was told, but then there were never any more conversations about it after that. I abstained from rolling my eyes. I asked if there was a conversation about it when he was approached to do this manufacturer's training. H said no, since he was not required to be gone overnight. Then we were back to 'what about being told that you wouldn't be doing this manufacturer's training?' and round and round, you know the drill. He said he never talked to the big boss about it, only his immediate, so he didn't know what big boss knew about it. I said, "You told me that big boss said you were making the right decision, was THAT true?" Yeah. Okay, so how can you never have talked to big boss about it, so you don't know what he knows, but he commented on your decision? Doesn't that conflict? That IS talking about it with big boss. ???

Conversation with him is maddening.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)