I don't think you can force a custody arrangement on your husband in a divorce, so it is very possible that he could get "every other weekend and one night per week" vistation or something to that effect.

Also, I am sure I am not getting the whole picture, but what gives you the right, as a spouse, to have to be involved in your husband's employment? I think many companies require out of state or off site trainings -- I am guessing they aren't every other week or every month or something, and if he is in upper management or sales, etc., I am sure there is a lot of smoozing or socializing that goes along with that job, something where spouses aren't always invited (not to say they couldn't have company events that would include spouses). I know our firm Christmas party is just for employees and doesn't include spouses, and I've NEVER had my husband accompany me for out of town trainings, even when social events are part of the seminar, etc.

I am sure there must be other things going on, trust issues, etc., but I could see you having more of a problem if your husband chose to golf every weekend or go out with the guys after work every night, not that he is attending work functions and out of town trainings.

Am I missing something?