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Hey Hill .. just topping your thread to ask how you been doing? Hows your wife doing? How was your week? Hows your kids doing through all this? Is the baby sleeping better at night yet? I see you been posting to several other threads and thats great becasue from what I have read of your posts to others .. has been very good! You are giving great advice to people!


Wife and I are doing quite well and getting better each day. Baby is falling asleep in her crib and sleeping the entire night and this has changed things dramatically for us of late. Most of the time we are free and clear of all kids from about 730-800 pm each night. We spend that time together and have been having lots of fun, affection, conversation, and SF. This weekend is a camping trip with friends and family. I'm concerned about spending UA time together so I'm do what I can to fit in some walks or other activities with my wife.

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