Hope the weekend is wonderful for both of you!

When the BC discussion comes off the table, I hope you both go into it fully medically informed, which alleviates fear. My perspective is different because Hubs and I were already "spayed and neutered" so to speak, before we got together. We've been able to medically compare our experiences, and he does agree that his was less invasive, and even with the complications he had during his procedure, his healing was much shorter than mine. He's suffered no long-term side effects, from what he has said and from what I've seen.

Second (and third) opinions are good things, and tabling it until LB's aren't a factor in the decision (as you all are teaching me wisely) opens the door for a true logical decision to be made about it.

Hope your weekend is full of swimming, good food, lots of time together and much laughter!

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