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allow him to relax and make connections

What do you mean by bolding and quoting and enlarging this, HHH?

I wish you'd just just come out and say what you think, instead of leaving cryptic posts that I have to ask you what you mean.

Original content would be nice.

RMJ, I agree that this kind of RC stuff is exactly what we need. Years of overworking and tending babies takes its toll. We're very fortunate to be able to do this. I've always wanted a boat; we live just a few miles from a HUGE recreational lake.

You answered your own question.

The rest of it; it allows you to relax, rather than drill him about his behavior, which allows both of you to relax together and connect.

You know, after our last exchange, I considered trying to bait you with some kind of similar comment, simply because in coming at me... I didn't once see you bemoan your husband.

That was beautiful.

Alas, I wasn't creative enough to come up with something that would tick you off and ally you with him again.

Here's hoping billiards and boating bring you two the peace you need to start getting some good, pleasant UA time in.

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