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Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, progress on the BC front?

Nope. She hates condoms. I am opposed to a vasectomy(no need to try and debate me ok?). She said BCP makes her feel weird. She wants me to go see doc to get a consult about a vasectomy, but he was out of town for two weeks, but I'm willing to go. She made an appointment to get some consulting herself but never went. So we just sit here not doing anything about it. I'm unhappy about having zero SF and I stopped asking because I get turned down.

The rest of our time spent ain't all that bad, but baby has been a pill of late probably due to teething. I pulled out the workbook and have spent 30 mins going over it today. She did ask me if we could go out Friday and get a babysitter so that is good.

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