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Nope. She hates condoms. I am opposed to a vasectomy(no need to try and debate me ok?). She said BCP makes her feel weird. She wants me to go see doc to get a consult about a vasectomy, but he was out of town for two weeks, but I'm willing to go. She made an appointment to get some consulting herself but never went. So we just sit here not doing anything about it. I'm unhappy about having zero SF and I stopped asking because I get turned down.
I would bring this up once a week and try to talk to her about it. Share with her things you've learned, and ask her what she thinks. Ask her to make a new appointment with her doctor, but don't try to force her. Don't bring it up more than once a week.

Have the two of you read about Essure? A non-surgical sterilization option ...

Don't give up. There's an answer that will make both of you happy.

In the mean time, continue to fill her lovebank as much as she will let you. Glad to hear you found the workbook ... you can make it, Hilltopper.

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