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I think that the issue is that she does not want to have sex with you. I don't know why she doesn't.

If you have a vasectomy you will be calling her bluff. If the root problem is that she does not want to have sex with you, then a vasectomy will reveal this.

I do not believe this will be true. She doesn't want sex because she is deathly afraid of becoming pregnant again.

She's trying to force her own way at the expense of Hilltopper. If he goes through with the vasectomy because of her demand, he will only resent her, causing MORE problems for them to overcome.

Yes I agree it is about an accidental pregnancy. There is still a lot of resent because I said I'd get a V after the third kid because a buddy of mine did. I didn't research it I just told her "sure" to keep her happy. She said she would have had a tubal during the c-section of our third child had she known that at the time. Bad situation and I wish it was avoided. I can't take it back though and she brings it up repeatedly.

By the way Prisca, my wife said verbatim, "I don't care what you tell Prisca, she is irrelevant to anything I care about." I share that not to hurt her, but just to give you perspective of my current battle.

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