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Not good, wife just confirmed she won't get a consult at all and is withholding sex. I have two options, condoms or V's. She has about 10 options which I know is kind of unfair, but that is just medicine, I can't control it. So basically I have to get a V against my will in order to have a romantic relationship with my wife. What a great position to be in. Hopefully things will calm down a bit.
She said at one point that she would've been willing to have had a tubal ... why is she unwilling to consider her own sterilization, especially since there is now non-surgical options that can be done in a doctor's office.

You can't reason with someone who is making demands until they are willing to stop demanding and start negotiating.

Yes, I think you definitely need to avoid talking about it for a few weeks and try to fill her lovebank.

Yep I'll let it lie. I told her that from this moment I was gonna do my best to follow MB again, I didn't ask her to do the same. This is the only way I know how.

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