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You are doing nothing wrong by refusing to cave in to her demand, Hill, just in case you wondered ...

Well I have questioned it because the pressure is intense. Glad to know I can stand my ground.

I just spent an hour via text apologizing and be honest with my wife. I slipped a few times and got disrespectful, but apologized again. She apologized ZERO. She rarely does and it is really hard to deal with. My wife is very resentful and holds on to things for long periods of time, this makes my eliminating LBs and filling needs so crucial. If I mess up it isn't a quick apology and we move on you know?

By the way Prisca, more rude things my wife wanted to pass on to you but I told her she can do it herself.

After all of this she still wants to go to dinner tonight so that is good but it historically has been really hard for us to converse when we've had it out.

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