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By the way Prisca, more rude things my wife wanted to pass on to you but I told her she can do it herself.
All this tells me is that she is angry and out of control. She's not getting her way at your expense, and she'll lash out at anybody who would tell her that that's a GOOD thing.

Grace, if you're reading, I've been there. I suggest you don't stay there. You are destroying your marriage.

Baby is wearing both of us out, but especially her. She is grumpy most of the time and stressed. It's nothing I'm doing much of, its just life and I'm stressed too. I think it will improve when school comes back in, at least I hope so. I'm trying really hard not to disrespect her when she turns moody or grumpy. For some reason her grumpiness effects me a lot and I sometimes say negative things rather than comfort her.

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