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What do you think about, the next time W's grumpy, take the kids out and kick a soccer ball. Notice your mood, the kids' moods, her mood. What do you predict would happen?

Fair enough, but my mood is not dependent on my wife being grumpy at all. I frequently "remove" the stress which is the kids and I'm sure it helps. My concern is not related to my own attitude, it is related to her mood being an obstacle to having a great romantic relationship. The suffocation I mention is related to the grumpiness impeding or slowing down the speed at which we rebuild love in our marriage. Maybe there is nothing I can do but meet needs and avoid LBs to "do my part" you know? Time will pass, the kids get older(especially baby) and become less needy. It will come around, in the mean time I guess I was bitching I'll avoid that in the future and stick with action steps to make things better, cool?

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