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I'm sure she is craving my comfort and I do my best to give it to her. If she was grumpy a couple times a week I don't think it would bother me. It is quite literally either all day until the kids go down or at least a few hours each day. I feel suffocated about it. Its just depressing to be around the doom and gloom so much and makes it hard to do this MB thing because it is always there.

Try this some time when she's grumpy: Say to her, "You look like you're having a stressful day. Let's see if this helps." Then start dancing. Make it as silly and kooky a dance as possible. If the kids are around, invite them to join in. But don't tell them it's because Mommy is grumpy. Instead, just say that you're dancing because dancing always cheers you up. Hopefully, this will prompt laughter or at least a smile from your wife. Do this a couple of times. On other occasions when she's grumpy, you can just offer, "Do you need me to dance for you? Because I'll do it. Don't think I won't!"

It's not a solution to the grumps, but a tactic for lightening the mood in the house.