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I had scheduled time with Steve, but we improved so much in such a short period of time we never followed through with it.

Marriages tend to improve in fits and starts. It seems really good, then you hit a downturn that you never would have thought possible when things were good. The discouragement can be overwhelming, which of course can make you give up on good plans and good positive actions that affect the long term health of your marriage. You wind up sacrificing the long term for the short term.

Steve is a great step to take to help the long-term.

Did you schedule with Steve and then cancel? Surely you didn't pay and then not show up, right? smile Just curious.

Go read Dr. Harley's description of the marriage counseling process, really read it:


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Poorly organized counselors will often see clients for weeks before they get down to deciding how they'll proceed. During that time, the crisis is over and the motivation to solve the problem is postponed until the next crisis. The couple drops out of therapy no wiser or better off than they came.

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Men generally want to get out of therapy as soon as possible, even when they were the ones that wanted it the most in the beginning. They don't like the idea of reporting to someone regarding their behavior, and my role as a counselor is to see to it that they follow through on what they promised. They often agree to anything to get their wives back, and then once she's home, they go back to their old habits.

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