You say you were here before 'fogged out'. Did you have an affair? Do you have an old user name where we could see your story?

I just posted on my thread about new energy to the marriage: PLAY TOGETHER. HHH also posted there with a link to an article about facing challenges together, as that is what my H and I have been doing, working as a team to learn and grow in a very fun playtime recreational activity. Ours happens to be finally pulling the trigger on buying a boat; we have a TON to learn and it has been awesome.

Fast track for you, imo, would be to find a recreational activity that puts you and your husband on a team working together toward a common goal. Find one you both enjoy a lot, but that neither of you is better at than the other. Something new, perhaps. There's a quick Recreational Companionship Inventory here listed under the Questionnaires tab. Ya'll fill it out, or if your H just won't do that, get him into a conversation about stuff he's always wanted to try but hasn't; if something piques your interest, make it happen. Skydiving, kayaking, swing dancing, deep sea fishing, engine building, whatever 'lifts your skirts and curls your toes'.

You can choose to stop LBing, so in immediate order, just choose that. But you can alleviate your boredom by involving your H in adventures that you agree to go on.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)