Absolutely not! I'm glad he's giving her fair warning, unlike your H, so she's not blindsided like you were. My H has denied me for 7 years now this month, so I know how he feels. But, my question/point is...is he serious? Will he actually do it? When you start making those kind of statements (I won't accept a marriage without sex) you have to be prepared to actually do something about it or the person you say it to will learn that you really don't mean what you say. And I think Hill has had a problem with this in the past, saying things that he didn't mean in the heat of the moment.

Case in point...me. I'm not willing to pull the plug so I don't make those kinds of statements. If he forced my hand, I'd end up backing down and be in an even worse position. I just wanted to make sure that Hill has really thought about this.