Thank you for your responses.

Yesterday, I came directly home after work and went right to work trying to earn some points in the bank. wink Laundry done. House clean. Music playing. Dinner ready (with salad and dessert). [I NEVER make dessert.] wink And a nice outfit DH would like. [It was like the Man's Fantasy in the chapter on Domestic Support in HNHN.] It worked! DH was VERY pleased and complimentary. (Now, of course, I can't keep that up every single day...but I am not opposed to making the "Man's Fantasy" deposit in the love bank a couple times a week.)

(BTW: I was WAY too busy to be "bored".)

CWMI and ML, so it seems that I should focus on recreational companionship and UA. I will check out the Recreational Companionship Tab and try to select something we can spend ample time doing. Actually, when we have done recreational activities together (which is rarely), we have a fantastic time. This would cover the UA...which we definitely need. Of the top 4 ENs you listed, ML, the one we spend the least time investing in is the RC.

Yes, I felt the classic ILYBNILWY; I did not say that to DH (just felt it). I doubted whether I should have married, I acted out in different ways...and, yes, CWMI, I failed to keep the necessary boundaries with someone. Now, thankfully, it went no further than an infatuation on my part. But, I wrongfully and continuously fed that fantasy in my mind. I am sorry for the time and energy I invested in that. I am choosing to put that behind me; I don't even want to think about it (since "thinking about it" is what started the trouble to begin with).

I am a little nervous about the concept of trying to fall back in love with DH. I didn't have to try when I fell in love with him the first time. But maybe it can work. Yesterday was great. I am going aim for the 6 - 8 week plan to transform my marriage. I am excited about it.

Thank you for the direction. I will check out the RC Questionnaire.

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NC letter: 09/13/11 (against DH's will)
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