Hill this seems to be where your problem lies. You said you would get a vestectomy and now you are not. Some people would see this as a crediblity issue.
I am not arguing the merits of a v I have never thought of getting one myself, but you are stuck with having said you would get one. Where is the follow through?
When a spouse makes an agreement, then later changes his mind, the solution is not to force a follow through, but to renegotiate and come up with a new solution.

Grace has also said that she was, at one time, willing to have her tubes tied, but is now unwilling to consider it. She is, instead, demanding that Hilltopper do something that he doesn't want, refuses to negotiate, and is neglecting Hilltopper until he complies.

For him to give in to her demands at this point would cause more harm than good.

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