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How do you feel about the subject of resent? My wife freely admits that she is resentful of me. She is resentful of her mom, her dad, my mom, and both of my sisters. How can I work on our marriage if she never gets over anything? In fact she sent me a text stating that she will just have to put up with all the resent she has for me and handle the birth control situation herself.

Be really careful of those resentful relatives. Other people, particularly your own relatives, can cause love bank withdrawals in YOUR account! If your wife feels like the people are in some way associated with you, that is.

Markos, my wife is resentful, go ask her. This is not a judgement if she states the same thing right? I do not respect my wife's feelings as it pertains to my mom and sisters and she knows this. I do however want a good marriage so I have adapted and made sure she is enthusiastic about any time spent with any of them. Its the same thing still. She wants everyone in her life to express their feelings on every subject like she does. While I know our marriage needs this radical honesty, I do not believe my wife has the right to expect this from my mom and sisters. So this underlying conflict remains because my mom and sister tend to avoid some uncomfortable conflicts as they arise.

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