The LB-ing that I have been doing amounts to me: constantly complaining about how dis satisfied I am, how I just want to run off, being irritable (seemingly out of nowhere),

As someone who is going through something similar, complaining of itself is not a love buster. AS Dr Harley states:

If you want to meet each other's emotional needs, and you want to overcome Love Busters, one essential ingredient is an honest expression of your emotional reactions to each other. What makes a marriage successful is your willingness and ability to accommodate each other's feelings. And without the facts about those feelings, an otherwise happy couple can become very unhappy as the events of life change.

The conditions that existed at the time of your marriage were partly responsible for the love you had for each other. Those conditions made it easy for you to meet each other's emotional needs, and tended to ward off Love Busters. They may have made you feel perfect for each other, because you did not have to do much to make each other happy.

But if you are like most couples, those conditions changed right after your marriage and have continued to change right up to the present. If you have not been able to adjust to those changes, you are probably very disillusioned about your compatibility. What had seemed effortless at first may seem impossible for you now.

But adjustment in marriage is not impossible. In fact, it may be quite a bit easier than you think. Because of the way your brain is put together, you have the ability to make remarkable adjustments to each other throughout life, as your environment changes. But in order to be successful, you must do four things:

First, you must realize that these changes will take place, whether you want them to or not. Many of the circumstances surrounding you cannot be controlled and will be changing constantly.

Second, you must stick to your goal of meeting each other's most important emotional needs, and avoiding Love Busters regardless of the change in conditions. A change can be very distracting, and can cause both of you to lose sight of your primary objectives in life. Don't let these changes cause you to lose sight of each other.

Third, you must be totally committed to making all of your decisions jointly and enthusiastically. Changes in circumstances require new decisions, and each must be made with each other's feelings in mind. Otherwise, the changes will leave one of you in the dust. Don't go on in life unless you are both on board.

And finally, in order to make the best decisions, you must be radically honest with each other about your emotional reactions to the changes in your lives. The best decisions take the emotional reactions of both of you into account simultaneously, but without an honest expression of those reactions, you will be missing the target.

While some couples may fail to make a successful adjustment after feelings are honestly explained, failure is almost guaranteed when the need for adjustment is never communicated. Always take each other's complains seriously. As I mentioned earlier, your emotional reactions are a gauge of whether you are making a good adjustment to each other. If you both feel good, you need no adjustment. If one or both of you feel bad, a change is indicated.

But let me also explain what honesty is not. It is not selfish demands or disrespectful judgments or angry outbursts.

AS long as you are not making the complaints SD, DJ or AO and informing your DH of your needs you are actually the one doing the positive thing in your marriage and don't need to think something is wrong with you.

My DH will not change, meet my needs or even take what I say as serious. He also says that he is 100 percent happy with me, while I am miserable. I have made it a point to only complain one time a week to let him know it isn't better. I am also spending time UA, meeting EN's and trying for RC as well in the mean time. I am however, getting ready to plan A and then Plan B him.

He does eventually need to understand that any contact you had with the OM needs to be severed forever. Since you can't get him on board, YOU need to make better boundaries around yourself to make sure it doesn't happen again with anyone else.

ME: 33 W DH: 39
3 Kids 11,6,baby
My 2nd M-His 1st