I would stay on your husband and not let up until he agrees to cut this man out of your lives.

Okay, I will stay on top of him.

But I am going to need a specific approach. I have had several conversations with DH about this. But OM was his buddy first before my infatuation so DH feels that it is wrong of me to interfere. The conversation only causes DH to have AO rather than listening to what I am saying. When I ask DH not to be his friend, DH says, "You're just mad because he doesn't love you."

I am trying to strengthen our marriage with the RC and UA. I don't want to keep arguing with him. But I will get on it (the subject of OM) first if that's what you all think is the first priority.

In any event, OM will not be around me anytime in the near future (that I am aware of)...as our lives are simply moving in different directions.

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