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...Yes, I am sure that I said something flirty or inappropriate to his friend. (But I have been flirty in general...as I understood flirting to be harmless and a normal part of socializing...pre-MB.)
Yeah... if you are trying to attract a mate. That's what flirting is for.

But you've already got a mate. You said "I will" and accepted his ring on your finger. So why hedge your bets?

I can see why you wish to discontinue this line of discussion. It has exposed some inconvenient truths. Inconvenient, that is, if your wish is to continue to be able to hedge your bets, to keep the possibilities open. Maybe you & DH's buddy can get something going on the side someday. No one would have to know. And anyway, it wouldn't be your fault, after all. If your husband were more attentive. If he made himself more available to you. Right? And after all, life is short. Are you supposed to be miserable for the rest of your life? God wouldn't want that, right? And maybe your DH would be fine with it. He probably doesn't care enough to be mad or hurt, right?

You've heard all you need to hear from me, heartfelt_1. There's nothing more I can tell you or do for you.

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