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That doesn't mean that YOU need to be around him. Will your H respect your need for him to keep OM away from you? Will he meet OM away from you and the house?

No, he is not going to agree. I believe that... DH is trying to prove to me that this is "nothing" (by refusing to change a thing). DH wants us to interact and treat each other like regular friends. He wants me to see his friend with the GF-- so I can see that the friend does not love me.

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Sadly, not all WW's come back. I know that at least one of the other posters you mentioned is still extremely wayward and foggy. She refused to follow the MB program and bailed after hearing advice she didn't like. It's pretty sad, really. I think life is too short to live in misery. So stay here and work MB - I want you to continue to be a success story. I want other posters in your same sitch to read your thread and know there's hope.

Bliss, Thank you for the encouraging words/vote of confidence. I realize I still have a lot of work to do. Over a year has passed and I only realized a week ago the difference between me being honest and me being "radically" honest. And...even though DH will not agree to separate his friend and me, I could have been more committed to staying away from him. (I could have, for instance, had "other plans" whenever we all were to hang out.) This sort of thing I must do and I cannot skip these steps.

I NEED to be successful with this.

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