I know that I must work on the issue with DH's friend first but here's an example of why I want to work on making the marriage better:

Right now DH is throwing away a lot of my toiletries. He says that we don't need them, I don't use them, and it is unnecessarily taking up space. He has asked me how I feel about him throwing my stuff away several times. I told "No". He keeps asking. Finally I say, "I already told you how I feel. Just throw it away!" He is throwing it away.

I tell him not to change my phone or computer. He wants me having the most updated technology. He changes it ANYWAY.

I tell him that I have feelings for his friend and he should stop being his friend. He says, "No, you don't."...and chooses not to give up the friend.

There is something that I have to fix in this marriage...that has nothing to do with his friend.

I told him all about MB, the concepts, the love bank (he thinks is weird), ENs, LB-ing, UA time, PoJA, EAs vs. PAs. He doesn't think we need it because HE doesn't need it. We have the workbook; he won't do it.

What can I do about this?

Me: WW
EA: 04/18/09 til
DDay: 06/30/10
NC letter: 09/13/11 (against DH's will)
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