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�I didn't suggest it in order to open up the gates for a 2x4 flood, and I don't think that will happen as long as you continue on the path of humility and discovery that you seem to be on.

(Wow, I sound all high-horsed, don't I? I will be the first to admit I am in no position to be, well, on my high horse. Having a hard time picking the right words, so hopefully you understand what I'm saying.)

Welcome back. smile
Thank you for the �Welcome back.� I hope to keep the fog down to a minimum this time around. But I won�t count my chickens before they hatch. (lol)

And you don�t sound like you�re on a high horse. Several people have told me that I should address the issue with husband�s friend. I had been trying to just leave it behind since the friend is going to be in my life as long as DH keeps him in his own life (even if that�s because DH is mentioning his name to me every other day). I don�t exactly know how I will deal with that except to tune DH out as much as I can (at those times). Hopefully, as I work on the marriage and physically stay away from the friend, it will matter less and less over time.
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There are a number of times where I have seen posters here with a reluctant spouse off the boards, and I suspect you will get good ideas on how to work MB and, hopefully, introduce it in a way your DH will be accepting of eventually.
I hope so! Looking forward to it!

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