He's still looking at phones. He called his phone from mine and said, "Listen to this, doesn't it sound tinny?" I picked up the dead home phone and handed it to him and said, "Listen to this one, you can't hear anything!"

My biggest frustration here is that he wants this swept under the rug, while the battle to restore home service is still on. I refuse to play ostrich. I threatened the spamming company with a lawyer today if they did not snap back my service to my carrier after allowing someone else to open an account in my name. I asked the supervisor if that was their normal practice. He said he could not comment on that, but as soon as their department in NJ was back open, they would port my #. He could not tell me when.

My original carrier is NO BETTER at customer service. Thing is, this is the first time I've had to use it. I turned the phone on so long ago, had no trouble moving the service to my last house and then this house, no problem. I guess the hurricane along the east coast has screwed things up worse, but get this: my H says I am the one who is the cause of not having service. what the??? I recognize this, deflection of blame. (I did refuse the additional equipment required for the VOIP service he signed us up for, when UPS attempted delivery, thinking that all this stuff could be simply reversed, since it was done in my name without my permission, and i did not want it.)

Anyway, he was looking at phones and I told him that spammer company has cellular service, if he wanted to work with them then he should make the switch on his account, and I'd follow with my cell. He's as married to our cell company as I am to our land-line company, does not want to switch. That makes me madder than heck.

Whew, vent OUT.

NED, I had a repairman out to my house to fix my dishwasher. He was a complete creep, condescending, tried to charge me $100 for a warrantied repair. I called his boss and let him chew the guy out on my phone, flipped him a finger, gave him the boot, and gave him a scathing report on my customer service survey. But you know I'd do that. smile I just don't know how to deal with you type of folks who don't stand up to people. There are things that freak me out, like cigarette boat and large cruiser wakes on the lake, but people don't trip me up much. I knew my repair cost zero, maybe you would have spoke up if you knew the cost. Would you have?

We're okay. No threats. If he wanted to divorce me about this, I think I would have to, because it is an absolutely ridiculous thing to divorce over and I'm over the threats. I'm cool with conflict, I like finding resolution, I do NOT expect rainbows and bubblegum everyday of married life. My life is overall very good, my marriage is, imho, stronger than most but needs work like all marriages do, and I think we're finally at the point where we both get that. I was never ready to quit, ya'll know that.

I love my man almost as much as I love my land-line carrier. j/k. I love my land line as much as he loves his cell, and if he screws with mine again, I'm switching him to his nemesis without his consent, bwa-ha-ha. smile

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)