Mrs. Hold has been more affectionate lately. Very nice. And yes, I told her so. D14 gave me a hug one day. Mrs. Hold asked why she didn't also get a hug. D14: "Mom, you are a cat who doesn't like hugs". I said "but there is always room for more member of the puppy team. Would you like a hug?" Then D14 gave her a hug. Then I gave her a hug. Mrs. Hold seemed pleased. She used to roll her eyes and pull away when either of us tried to hug her.

Then on Monday while we were recovering from the hurricane, Mrs. Hold kissed me. She said she was sorry she turned her head away from me the last time we had sex. She said she knows I like to kiss and wives should want to kiss their husbands. Then she apologized for not being "into it" when we had sex. I told her I appreciated her being there for me even though she wasn't into it.

Wow, two apologies from Mrs. Hold in one day!

When you can see it coming, duck!