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That's good you aren't fighting.

I'm a little concerned at the attitude that she doesn't have to meet your needs unless you provide financial support. Y'all married for better or for worse; a loss of a job is the worse that she married for.


She did marry with a view toward having her need for financial support met. Are you working on a plan to get that secure?

As I recall Dr. Harley suggested you look at antidepressants. I know he suggests this particularly for men facing employment issues. Have you looked into them?

I own two companies, one my partner is buying me out of, the other does fine, plus I just got a new job that I work at 10 hours per day. Things are a little hairy financially but should be extremely comfortable once we get monthly payments from my partner.

I'm not really depressed, I'm just unhappy. I'm exercising like crazy which has taken care of the stress and I'm in great shape.

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