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I would not keep bringing up the workbook. Once a week, let her know you'd like to work the program. Do not demand; do not bring it up too often; do not have strong emotional reactions if she declines.

She does feel like you two are together just for the kids. This is a symptom of her not being in love with you. Of course we know how that can be changed, but she's got to willingly participate.

How is she spending her time each day? How is she spending her time in the evenings? I might consider letting her know that her choices are not okay with you, because you want to spend time together in affection, conversation, and recreation. I am guessing that she is spending some time otherwise that you are not happy with. Am I correct? Or are you 100% behind the way she spends all of her time?

No, the IB has kind of disappeared. We both get our hour in the gym separately. The time we spend is on the couch watching our favorite shows. In other words we've gotten lazy about it. She agreed to start the workbook tonight.

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