I need to vent some more. smile

H came home with some vague info about a refi on our mortgage. I said it sounded interesting, wanted more info. So he looked into it a bit, sent me some info via email, texted me for my SSN, instead of sending it I called him with some questions about what I'd seen. He didn't have the answers, said he would talk to the company and let me know.

So I find a receipt in his email where he has gone ahead and paid for the appraisal, with a note on the application documents that my SSN will be provided in the future. I have not agreed to this--BIG SURPRISE.

Big surprise, too, that I'm not happy at all. I've never heard of this company, I wanted all the information before making a decision, I wanted to check on the company with the BBB (it is unaccredited, B) and google complaints BEFORE moving forward. Our last conversation ended with my understanding that a decision would be made after I'd reviewed all the information, but apparently he had the understanding that I was all-in if my questions were answered--even if I was not given the opportunity to judge that. I saw the receipt and called him, and he said, "I'm sending you more information RIGHT NOW." I said, "I wanted it BEFORE we paid anything. Are you still having trouble with the concept of joint agreement?"

Apparently so. I emailed him the BBB report. He said that nothing could happen as far as closing without my signature anyway, and I said, you're dam skippy, so you'd think you'd make sure I was onboard before shelling out a nonrefundable $400. I told him that this solo-decision-making was something I really disliked about him.

By the time I'm ready for Plan B, I'll be in Plan D and totally over it.


Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)