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Just wondering how everything is going? I kept up with your thread for a long time. Give us an update.


Things are not good, at least not for me. I keep thinking after this long that my wife will come around, see me leading by example, and eventually make a stronger effort to meet my needs. I go through ups and downs, right now I'm in a down. When my Taker is getting tired of being kicked around I want to shut down and not do anything to meet her needs in return. Here is what I believe the crux of the problem is for me in my situation:

1. My wife for whatever reason is the type of person that has no problem asking for anything she wants. Rejection doesn't bother her, so she'll ask the same thing of me or of anyone numerous times and not think anything of it.

2. I am the opposite of my wife. I don't want to trouble people and and somewhat of a minimalist. I don't like rejection and it makes me want to give up after asking for something I need from my wife.

3. If I do get a meed met, such as SF, my wife makes sure to let me know how "lucky" I am for having it met. When I do ask for things often times my wife just can't say no, she instead has to give me all the reasons why. My wife has a "go to" list for all of my needs so there is a perfectly good reason(in her mind not mine) why a need can't be met.

So there it is. I've been doing MB for over a year now I believe and this is the position I'm in. I'm unhappy and I don't see my unhappiness changing by my wife just "coming around" someday.

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