I have read and watched you change over a long course of time. I give you a bunch of credit. I have also seen your wife shut down on here and so it leads me to believe that she has done so at home as well.

I would NOT continue to be in a one sided marriage. My ww acted a great deal like yours up to when she started her 1st affair. No matter what I did I could not make her happy, no matter what!

I truly believe their are just some people that "CHOOSE" that mind set!

I have been through hell and back because of her actions and I will tell you everyday it gets better and now I look back and am happy that I am away from her daily drama and the hell she constantly put me through.

I think she needs to know that you will not be in a marriage in which needs are not being met!

Just my .02

Married 8 years
Divorced 2-2012