Okay Prisca that makes no sense. Usually for an affair it is six months Plan A and then 18 months Plan B.

If Hilltopper's wife cannot come around in a two year timeframe, then he needs to do something otherwise the situation turns into unconditional love.

If you read unconditional love (even though it is Ellen's letter) he makes the topic general for both husbands and wives.

Hilltopper might be able to go longer than two years in Plan A. It is his choice, but Plan B should be looked at if his wife won't meet his needs after that much time.

Unconditional love does not make a successful marriage, and that is what it seems is happening. I can understand how Hilltopper is using some DJ, but with all the other Plan A love he is depositing it shouldn't be such a big hit that she cannot return love back to him.

Hilltopper any chance you can call into the radio show?