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Listen to the call Markos had with him a few days after Steve (Oct 27, 2011). Dr. Harley was very specific in that he does not usually advise men to separate because of neglect. An affair, yes. Neglect, no.

He has on occasion, but it is not his usual recommendation for men.

If Dr. Harley told Hilltopper to separate and go to Plan B, then he should. But he hasn't.

And all that aside, Hilltopper has yet to do a Plan A.

Serious talk going on right now. I was honest but respectful. She is crying and went to take a shower before coming back to continue. I pray with all my heart we have a breakthrough together.

I continue to pray for you guys, Hilltopper, but I'm fearful that if you guys had a talk and she is crying that the direction you go from here may not be good. She may begin to feel trapped that she "has" to do whatever it is you are asking for. I can tell you from experience it is so much better to win over her emotions first such that she wants to make you happy. Talks reach her logic; meeting emotional needs reach her emotions.

Please post an update and let us know what's happening now, okay?

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