Why would he have to leave his home? If she is not meeting his needs for more than two years, then I would make her leave, and let her know he will be filing for sole custody.

The key here is to understand that after a long period (usually 2 years) a man can no longer do Plan A. That isn't fair to Hill or his wife or the children.

Then you have an unconditional love situation, and that will drain all his love for her over time.

Hill still has plenty of time until the two year mark. He should be supported for staying committed, and he should also be supported if he ultimately decides to throw in the towel.

In the meantime, Hill should continue on Plan A and work with his wife by opening up commuication.

If the environment isn't friendly for his wife to share her feelings O&H, then Hill should work to make her feel safe so she can be O&H.

If Mrs. Hill needs more affection to open up SF, then Hill should look at more affection.

If Mrs. Hill needs more FC with the kids, then Hill should figure out how to FC with the kids more.

At the same time if Mr. Hill is doing that, then Mrs. Hill should meet his needs.

Mr. Hill is your wife a super duper strong affection wife? Just like some men need admiration beyond the normal threshold, some women need affection beyond the normal threshold.

It maybe a simple tweeking to the needs to get her to respond. Let's see if we can help him get that tweek.