What happens then a man risks an affair. The goal is to get him to place where he still has love for his wife. If she doesn't respond to him and he has given it plenty of time (Dr. H says at least 2 years) then he should look at Plan B so he doesn't risk an affair, become super resentful, or in the end hate his wife!!
Be very careful here Tough. Remember, affairs happen not because someone's ENs aren't being met, but because they have weak boundaries around members of the opposite sex, allowing that person to meet ENs which only their spouse should be meeting.

I see the main problem here is that Grace is most likely in a state of withdrawal about her marriage, and she will need to be brought back to intimacy. It CAN be done.

I think we also need to be very careful about saying that when the infant is older, things will get better. That is not always the case. But it does bring up other factors that should be considered. Grace is most likely exhausted, and the hormone shifting is harder on some.

I think that the right thing for Hill to do is exactly what Markos has stated. Also, getting on the phone with the Harleys would do wonders for this marriage.

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