I completely disagree Prisca. Dr. Harley does suggest after an extended timeframe usually two years or more for husbands, a spouse can demonstrate their needs should be met or Plan B, a husband can go into Plan B. He has said it before, and talked about it with Steve. The main goal of his program is to protect the lovebank. There isn't any other goal of MB except to make sure the lovebank stays at a certain level.

Why does a husband have to get into a neglected situation in the first place? How many BW are on SAA because a husband was neglected by them and had an affair? Thousands!!!

You are correct his boundaries will need to be air tight. Who wants to even get themselves into that state in the first place? I know I haven't had my needs met in 15 months. I am a house plant today because I do not want to risk anything. I tell you the first man that gives me attention, may send me over the edge. It is dangerous to get your lovebank to that level. Then temptation is hard to resist.

The goal is to maintain his love for his wife. Dr. Harley has never ever been about creating unconditional love. That is exactly what happens after years of neglect by a wife.

The rarity of a wife neglecting her husband after two years exist. With a good Plan A Hill can and will likely win her over. In the case he cannot - he should explain to her well in advance, I need these needs met by you. If that doesn't happen then I will look at a Plan B option.

A neglected man is at a great risk of an affair. He will have to air tight his boundaries. You know how difficult that is? Out on the SAA forum you read BH's who struggle constantly with their boundaries by not getting their needs met.

Plan B is discussed by Dr. Harley for neglect. It just so happens it is usually the case the wife is neglected. It can also be the case the husband is neglected.

Prisca I have every right to discuss Plan B with any neglected spouse. I am not going against Dr. Harley. I made it crystal clear to go at least two years or more in Plan a for a husband, or whatever Hill can do. What good does it do him if by the end of two years he has no love?

Then what happens at the end of two years and his LB is in the red and he doesn't even want to consider Plan B, just Plan D.

Yes - separation risks an affair and divorce. What does it matter if he has no more love for his wife?

Dr. Harley explains that in his unconditional love article. Which was based on a wife, but addressed to a neglected spouse.

Please stop trying to negate the advice I provide. This forum is about giving readers advice based on Dr. Harley, and I am basing my advice on how I understand the lovebank, affairs, and Plan B. I do not feel I am going against his principles, or in any means giving Hill false advice.

My only goal is to protect the love he has for his wife. I have no other motive. If Hill doesn't like the advice I give then he can use his own judgment and make his own decisions.