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He has not said, He was very specific - even asking to make sure it was typed and not hand written. (?) I did not ask why. Like a lot of men I carry a lot of guilt and sadness but will not divulge things that in the end will be more hurtful or that are just not his business. The affair is over. Yes, she still works with me - shes in another state with contact only through email till I find another job.
Have you discussed his request with your wife? What does she say? She might have some info about his request that will help explain why he wants such a specific recounting of the affair. If she has no insight, I would certainly ask him why he wants this recounting in such a specific form. Don't deny his request. Just ask for more clarification on what he needs to know, so you can respond properly to him. Your question might open a door for discussion with him that will help him. Have you talked to him about the affair?

Pure speculation, but: he may want it to be typed so he doesn't have to read it seeing your handwriting - that may be too close to home for him, too personal. He might want to see the information but in a form that isn't so personal. If that makes any sense. smile

Honestly, it sounds to me like he is very hurt, as he should be. You upset his world. He's has to rebuild now, too.

You're probably going to be hearing this again, but I'll say it now: you need to quit that job. You are in contact with OW, and as long as that continues you will not be able to rebuild your marriage. That may be affecting your son as well as your wife.

How is your wife doing? Would she be willing to come here and talk with us?

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