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He also wants to protect his mother. He wants to hear you confess because he is a MAN now, not a "smart guy" trying to stand up to you. He wants to hold you accountable because he feels that someone needs to stand up in the family - and when the father of the family falls down, the SON stands up. It is what men do - what sons do - what YOU taught him to do......isn't it? YOU taught him to protect the family, to stand up for his mother and sister.

This is the sense I am getting. Since his dad is harming his mother, he has decided to step up to the plate and protect her himself. When my XH left me for his skankho, my 2 teenage sons suddenly became BARRACUDAS when it came to protecting me. I was astonished! And whenever any men asked me out, my sons were HOSTILE AND AGGRESSIVE towards that male. Since Chuck has all but abandoned his wife, it makes me wonder if the boy has not stepped in to fill that gap and is the only acting man in the family right now?

Could that be why he wants this information, Chuck? Maybe he is helping her get legal protection from you?

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