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NG, I thought your letter was hysterical.

But I can't agree with it.

Especially since this affair is not over.

Chuck, please read and implement what Dr. Harley says about recovery from an affair. Recovery is a very narrow path. You are not on the path. How can we help you? Your son and your wife are obviously hurting.

As far as talking to your son,


Isn't it?

Tell your son the truth.

Tell your wife the truth.

Tell your pastor, priest, or other spiritual leader the truth.

Tell your employer the truth.

Tell the other woman you won't ever see or speak to her again, and then make it happen with walls twelve feet high.

I agree with honesty. Where is the line though? How much details of our sins do our children need to know? I really want to know how others decide that. I personally am VERY honest with my ds11, but I will not be telling him those kinds of details.