...the kid has every right to...ask for it.

And Daddy has every right to put the presumptuous little brat in his place! Hence: my original contribution.

Sorry, Mel, we're going to have to disagree on this. IMHO marital issues (good and bad) are not intended to be treated as 3D-high-definition spectator sports for the entertainment and diversion of children.

WH has obviously had his infidelity exposed to his family. Being expected to specify to one's children as to whether POSOW preferred Greek or French, or what flavor lubricant, approaches the voyeuristic and perverse.

Again, this is a red-herring issue that detracts from encouraging Chuck8464 to attend to the real crisis in his life. How about it, pal? Have you taken action to act more like a responsible married adult, instead of a slimeball wayward?