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Okay Prisca that makes no sense.
Take that up with Dr. Harley. He said it, not me smile

Usually for an affair it is six months Plan A and then 18 months Plan B.
You do realize that there is no affair in this Hilltopper and Grace's marriage, right?

Hilltopper might be able to go longer than two years in Plan A. It is his choice, but Plan B should be looked at if his wife won't meet his needs after that much time.
Only if Dr. Harley tells him to do so. Dr. Harley doesn't usually recommend that course of action for men who are being neglected. This is not an affair situation.

Unconditional love does not make a successful marriage, and that is what it seems is happening. I can understand how Hilltopper is using some DJ, but with all the other Plan A love he is depositing it shouldn't be such a big hit that she cannot return love back to him.
On the contrary, every time Hilltopper slips up with a demand or a DJ, he UNDOES everything he has accomplished. He sabotages his own efforts. He abuses his wife. I don't think you're one to judge whether or not that should be a big hit for her or not.

Plan A does not allow for lovebusters, and if he is demanding and DJing her, then he isn't doing Plan A. He is only pushing her away. She's not going to have any interest in returning anything back to him right now, let alone "love."

Plan A is perfection Prisca? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm just truly asking. I am a man, we are all human, and I don't think Dr Harley would suggest that perfection is the only way to conduct Plan A?

Dr. Harley would tell you that if you are Lovebusting, you are not doing Plan A. You do not have to be perfect to avoid abusing your wife.

You can listen to the criticism of your current Plan A and go and do something constructive to better yourself and your marriage, or you can mope about how nobody's perfect.

One is taking action. The other will get you nowhere.

Your choice.

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