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Talk went well. She said she likes the new me, but that she got so used to doing her own thing without me because I was never interested in her. In other words she gave up on me long, long ago.

She may have given up, but making love bank deposits will turn that around.

Ask Prisca how many times she has given up on me! shocked

Anyway, your wife has given you the clue to how to get things moving forward again: start planning stuff (within parameters she is comfortable with). Plan, invite, don't demand, stay calm. Be patient. Leave the door open behind her for her to run back out if she gets an inkling that she is trapped or that you might not be safe or something.

That and she is incredibly worn out every with the
kids and everything else that concerns her day to day.

If this is the pressing problem in her life, then the man she falls in love with will be the man who becomes involved and concerned with those problems. He will express empathy, be her confidante and person she can vent to, will always be calm even when those problems affect him emotionally, too, and will offer to assist in solutions to problems, without trying to drag her into such solutions. And he'll be that man even if she's disrespectful and abusive and blames him for all of it! And when she falls in love with that man ... everything will change.

Be that man.

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